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JRC Inc. partners with America’s premier department stores to offer expert watch and jewelry repair services. Founded in 1994, the company is known for the highest level of professionalism in the industry. As a specialty vendor, JRC takes pride in its ability to blend seamlessly into the watch and jewelry department of every host store. By collaborating closely with licensor partners, JRC supports business growth and brand image by offering professional service focused entirely on the customer.

From the retail customer’s point of view, these repair services are an integral part of each store's watch and jewelry departments. JRC enhances the service level of any department store by providing full-service watch and jewelry repair in one convenient location at a store retail customers know and trust.

JRC Watch and Jewelry Repair
Here's what customers say about us.

“The repair person knew their job and quickly and efficiently handled the repair we needed. It only took a grand total of fifteen minutes to get the job done, and we were on our way.”

Expert services on site.

JRC stocks a wide range of replacement batteries, offering battery replacement and other repairs while customers shop. Also available are hundreds of classic and on-trend watchbands from the world's finest manufacturers.

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